Contemporary ceramics in Malaga – wave ripple collection

'wave ripple' collection

'wave ripple' collection – the memories from the seaside when the waves create drawings on the beach sand and in the depths of the sea. You experience it with your eyes gazing upon it and with your feet walking through it. I created the series 'wave ripple' to enhance the experience, allowing you to feel it with your hands as you hold the cup. It's a way to appreciate the beauty and carry the memories of the sea into everyday life.

  • 01-small-batch-ceramics-malaga-waveripple-black
  • 02-small-batch-ceramics-malaga-waveripple-gold
  • 03-small-batch-ceramics-malaga-waveripple-white
  • ceramic-art-malaga-waveripple-black
  • ceramic-art-malaga-waveripple-gold
  • ceramic-art-malaga-waveripple-white

I currently have the 'wave pipple' effects embodied in ceramics over white sand – memories of Kenyan beaches, black sand – reminiscent of Lanzarote, and golden sand of Tarifa – my endless source of inspiration.

The cups are made of different stoneware clays (white, black, and sepia) and are fired at 1250ºC. The sizes range from espresso size (120ml) to larger sizes, although the size and form of the larger cups are still in the development phase. The most commonly used size is M, which corresponds to approximately 180 ml. And I have some cups with handles, but they are still in the beta phase :)

  • handmade-ceramics-wave-ripple-collection-01
  • Stoneware collection 'wave ripple'
  • Stoneware collection 'wave ripple'

The S and M cups complement each other and can be combined in a set, with slight differences in diameter due to the varying types of clay.

All the 'wave pipple' cups I currently have are available in my online ceramic shop.

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