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My ceramic studio is located in the old town of Malaga, close to the Picasso Museum, at Calle Beatas 35. It's a small and charming room in an old house, situated inside, so there is no direct entrance from the street. You can view the studio through the window that faces Calle Beatas, which is on the right side of the entrance. If you'd like to enter, simply let me know. You can signal me by knocking on the window or calling me when the window is open. My name is Asia.

My studio is primarily a pottery workshop, but I also have a small exhibition of my ceramics with the option to purchase them. You are always welcome to come inside when I'm here. In case I'm not, please message me via WhatsApp, Instagram, or simply give me a call. We can also arrange a visit in advance.

I don't have fixed opening hours. I'm involved in other projects, and I also have a lovely son who enjoys my company, so my working hours depend on the situation. Typically, I'm in my workshop from Monday to Friday between 10h and 14h, but sometimes I arrive earlier or stay later, and occasionally, I work on weekends. There are also times when I'm traveling or in Tarifa, which is my main source of inspiration for all of my projects.

You are always welcome to contact me via phone or WhatsApp at (+34) 606 59 59 97, or connect with me on Instagram at @pintarroja.ceramic, or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From the photos below, you can identify my location :)

  • Handmade ceramic store in Malaga
  • Handmade ceramic shop in Malaga
  • Handmade pottery shop in Malaga
  • Handmade pottery store in Malaga
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